About the Firm

Terrell Hogan, formed in 1974, is the largest jury trial firm in Northeast Florida representing only victims injured by negligence, intentional wrongdoing or defective products. Terrell Hogan is dedicated to providing thorough representation to injury victims seeking justice on a national basis. This "leave no stone unturned" philosophy has always been the key to success for the firm’s clients.

Terrell Hogan has completed thousands of cases, many large, of course, but also those small in the eyes of others but important of those whose rights had been trampled. We have board-certified trial attorneys who have extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of medical malpractice, nursing malpractice, personal injury and wrongful death law. So, no matter what your case is, you can feel confident that we have firsthand knowledge to apply to the task. We recognize that a law firm is only as good as the people in it and at Terrell Hogan we’re surrounded by many of the brightest minds in the legal profession. Our attorneys have excellent educational backgrounds and experience, engage in constant continuing education, and, most importantly, they all share a sense of compassion, dedication and desire to represent our clients to best of their ability.

Additionally, our firm has the necessary resources to support strong cases. Over the years, we’ve developed and maintained a variety of top resources, including expert witnesses, medical testing and information services, investigators, researchers, an in-house staff of professionals, and we have the financial strength to see every case through to the end. Some cases can last only several months but others can take years, and we are prepared and able to finance those cases.