What Will It Cost?

We handle all stroke cases on a contingency fee agreement.  Under such an arrangement, the client does not pay any of the attorneys’ fees or costs unless and until a recovery is obtained.  Throughout the representation we advance all of the costs of the case.  Once the case is settled or a judgment is paid, all of the attorneys’ fees and the costs of the litigation are paid out of the funds collected, if any.  If no monies are ever recovered, you do not owe us any attorneys’ fees and do not have to repay us for any of the costs.  

In exchange for taking the risk of the case, we receive a percentage of the total recovery as our attorneys’ fees.  The exact percentage is different from case to case depending on a number of factors including: the complexity of the case and the risks of obtaining a recovery; the stage of the claim when it is resolved (before filing suit, after protracted litigation, after an appeal, etc.); the fault, if any, on the part of the non-party defendants and/or the person who suffered the stroke; and any limitations imposed on contingency fees under the law of the state in which the lawsuit is brought.  Our typical contingency attorneys’ fee percentage is between 33 1/3% and 40% of the monies recovered. 

We aggressively attempt to shift as much of the attorneys’ fees and costs of the case so they are paid by the defendants.  Any fees or costs paid by the defendants are credited against those amounts owed by the client under the contingency fee agreement.